Frequently Asked Questions

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QUESTION: How do I do this? How do I look into booking a party?
ANSWER: Use the “Book Now” form and send in your date time and we’ll respond letting you know if it is available. Just confirm and that’s it!

QUESTION: How do I know the trailer can come to my house?
ANSWER: Our trailer package is 52 feet long (60 feet w/ the Rock Stage) and needs to be placed on an area of little or no incline or decline. Otherwise, you can make arrangements to divert us to a nearby park, community pool, clubhouse, church or parking lot! Please call us if you have any questions regarding trailer placement and location. Safety is a top requirement so we will not park anywhere that puts you, your guests, our coaches, or equipment at risk.

QUESTION: Should I save space for the Trailer?
ANSWER: Yes! Talk to your neighbors, use cars or cones etc…. to save us enough space for the trailer to fit in front of your home.

QUESTION: Will the kids know what to do?
ANSWER: That’s why we have a Game Coach! They help the kids along, inspire and instruct. We make sure it’s the party of the year!

QUESTION: Should I add Virtual Reality?
ANSWER: Virtual Reality is recommended for kids 12 and older. However the adult booking the party may select to add Virtual Reality for kids 8 and older. More on Virtual Reality responsibility in the Injury/Implied Waiver section on our Policies & Terms page.

QUESTION: What does ESRB mean?
ANSWER: The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) is the non-profit, self-regulatory body that assigns ratings for video games and apps so parents can make informed choices. The ESRB rating system encompasses guidance about age-appropriateness, content, and interactive elements.

QUESTION: Should I be concerned about the types of games for kids?
ANSWER: Party ‘N’ Roll makes all ESRB rated “E” Everyone games available by default at every party. The Client/Host of the party is responsible, during the booking process, for selecting if they want “T” Teen and/or “M” Mature games to be allowed at the party as well as notifying any concerned parents of their guests. It is also recommended that all clients email us with their game requests as soon as possible if it is a game that is NOT listed on our Games Page.

QUESTION: What about bad weather?
ANSWER: We come rain, shine, temps below freezing or over 100 degrees – we are climate controlled! As long as it is safe for us to drive. (Outside TV’s and Rock Stage will not be available during bad weather)

QUESTION: What time should I make the party?
ANSWER: You can schedule your party a half-hour or hour prior to our arrival if you want time for food/cake before we arrive. Otherwise, you can schedule the party to end a half-hour or hour after we’re done and eat later….the choice is up to you! If we arrive after your guests do, you will get to see their surprise when our mobile game theater pulls in!

QUESTION: Do I request certain games?
ANSWER: We always bring the full game library to every event and your Game Coach will listen to and make suggestions to make your event successful. We try to stay with multiplayer games so that all the kids can be involved and playing instead of watching. You can view our list of games and their ratings on this page.

QUESTION: Do I tip the Game Coach?
ANSWER: The Game Coach is there to make sure that your group is making the most of our high-tech fun. He/she tutors, inspires and entertains. Tipping for service is a great idea, but not required.

QUESTION: Do I have to pay for the party in advance?
ANSWER: Our reservations go quickly. In order to hold your booking, you must pay online or arrange to drop your payment with us. Otherwise, your date and time is still open for booking by others.

QUESTION: What time will you be arriving?
ANSWER: The Game Coach arrives in plenty of time to be setup and start your party at the designated start time. Normally between 10-20 minutes ahead of time.

QUESTION: Where can I view your official policies?
ANSWER: You can view them on our policies page.


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